Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

Light and nature come together. Red is a most auspicious colour in Chinese culture. It is a bold choice but one made rather effectively, particularly for Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

Traditions are among the things that are likely to draw a visitor’s attention when visiting countries like China where elements of intangible cultural heritage are deeply embedded in everyday life.

This piece is a large yet delicate example of Enriqué Tabone’s work with translucent materials while exploring shapes from nature. The decorative perspective of this work echoes similar artifacts seen across various parts of Guizhou during the artist’s visit to the province in 2017.

This work was exhibited at as part of the touring exhibition Inspired in China, under the auspices of the China Cultural Centre in Malta and Gozo throughout 2018. Venues included the Parliament of Malta, Malta International Airport, and the Ministry for Gozo.