Not Venus

Performance, video art and prints

Not Venus is a performance captured in a video art by artist Enrique Tabone, wearing her work Ġismi. A study of her body changing every month during 5 monthly cycles.
This forms part of a series of works from PreHerstory, in response to the Neolithic figurines. Only women who have experienced such things in their own bodies can pass on this level of detailed information through art.
The hard evidence is greater than she’s presenting here. In this first phase her artistic creation based on this concept, she focused on some of the ways she believes that prehistoric women expressed themselves artistically while teaching others in their society about their life experiences as women.

      “By Women for Women”

3 images from a series represented in the video art  Not Venus during Art+Feminism 2020.

How is this relevant in our time? Enrique addresses this question by shifting the main material used to plexiglass, which is a medium she has worked with extensively for over 12 years.
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Other work in this series PreHerstory Video Art, Ġismi, Ġisimna, Fjur

Video Art as seen during ART+Feminism 2020 at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta, Malta.

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